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Ciggy Woodmouse

I don't just do papertoys, eventhough it might look like that.

Meet Ciggy Woodmouse, handcarved by me.

Yup, it's a bit inspired by Frank Kozik..

I might sell him...


The Mexican

I liked [MCK]'s, Matthijs C. Kamstra's, Revolvrr so much I decided to take it to another time and place.

The Mexican
The original gun is a snubnosed little piece made as a part for another papertoy, it beats me wich toy, but it's a really cool thing!
You can find this little papergem on his blog: HERE!

MCK's original Revolvrr
My custom version of this toy takes it to Mexico or maybe Texas. Who doesn't like spaghetti-westerns?
Thanks to [MCK] for a real cool toy!

Download The Mexican here: ADIOS!

2012-05-06 Update: 100+ downloads!
2012-05-07 Update: 200+ downloads! Thank you all!
2012-05-12 Update: 300+ downloads! I didn't excpect this!
2012-05-31 Update: 400+ downloads!! This gun is still smoking!!


Why just make one?

I was taking the bike to work, bicycle not Harley, and listened to a cool band on Spotify.
This cool band have a cool name, so I got an idea for a cool papertoy!
Now I have four different toyprojects and two customs going on at the same time...

While you wait for some goodies to download, guess what band inspired me to the newest project, comment below.

Guess what band!


A face only a mother could love?

Yesterday I started skinning Stomper.
Found some cool pictures of attackhelicopters that had nice colors and details and I like photoshop!
The head/body part turned out really nice, now for the legs.. Theire tricky with all the strange angles, but I think Stomper's gonna be a cool toy!

Of course I will post links to the templates so you can build your own Stomper when I'm done!

The head/body


Plane and cars.

I really like making toys!
I've made toys for all my kids and they loved it.
The tractors steeringwheel works.

Sportscar, Tractor with trailer
Hotrod, Bigfoot


Tvättlapposaurusen (the Carelabelosaur)

When we waited for our smallest I knitted a toy for the baby.
Since this was our third kid I noticed that babies often are interrested in care labels on toys, so I made the Tvättlapposaurus ( Care-label-osaurus)
Today my sisterinlaws kid tried it, it still works!

Tasting the Carelabelosaur.
Knitted toy
Hi! I got funny carelabels, love me!